An American Who Watches Eurovision? You Don’t Say (repost)

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Yes, as the title suggests, I am an American and watch Eurovision yearly. Since 2009, in fact, when I stumbled on it by accident. Now, I may not be as prolific as some Eurovision fans are (at least from the ones I got to follow over the years on Twitter), but I try to keep up with the contest year round.

In the past 13 years, I followed along with the latest news concerning the pan-European contest, including national finals, internal selections, hosting bids, politics, cancellations (hello COVID), rehearsals, and the actual contest. I could go on, but I want to give my thoughts on the events from the past month

For starters, Ukraine nabbed their 3rd victory this past May with “Stefania” performed by Kalush Orchestra. Typically, the winning country gets to host the next contest, but since Ukraine went to war with (read: was invaded by) Russia, it was considered impossible to host Eurovision next May. As such, the United Kingdom, which placed 2nd, stepped up to host the contest. Eurovision also announced in their tweet thread that Ukraine will get an automatic spot, and I’m glad they did that because I believe that if a country wins the contest and can’t host, at least give them an automatic qualifier spot.

While various cities in the United Kingdom bid to host the 67th contest, Israel jumped in and selected 21-year-old Noa Kirel to represent the country next May. Based on what I have read about her, I feel that she’s gonna bring a kickass song, and from my personal experience, things I like are disliked by the community, so take what you will

Noa Kirel to Eurovision 2023

Also, I gotta mention Olivia Newton-John. While everyone around me knew her from Grease, Heart Attack, and Physical, many people don’t know that she participated in Eurovision in 1974, where she finished joint 4th. May she rest in peace and may her memory be a blessing (gosh, this is what happens when you watch Wolf Blitzer during the COVID pandemic)

Olivia Newton-John dies at 73 following long-time battle against breast cancer (via Wiwibloggs)

Eurovision 2022 wasn’t the only thing that happened this year. In fact, earlier this year, and I still can’t believe this happened, NBC aired the first edition of the American Song Contest. Of course, it’s based on Eurovision instead it’s state vs state vs district vs territory. All 50 states, DC, and the 5 territories took part in the 8-week competition to find the best new song in the country. Being an ESC fan for 13 years, it’s surreal to me that it actually happened. Yeah, we probably cracked a few jokes (and dealt with the naysayers), but when March 21st came (which also happened to be my birthday, so it’s extra crazy), I was super nervous, but in the end, it was all good.

For those that did watch American Song Contest, which songs were your favorite? Among my favorites were Massachusetts, Georgia, Arizona, Oklahoma, Texas, and my home state Florida.

And the expansion doesn’t stop there as Canada and Latin America are having their own editions. I might have to figure out how to watch them tho. Maybe I should use my Opera built-in VPN (yes, because I live in the United States, I have to watch Eurovision with a VPN. Go figure, right). And I’m still holding out hope for a second season of the American Song Contest. I may do a blog with my thoughts on how to improve the show because it needs improvements.

For now, my attention is now focused on the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, which I also discovered by accident in 2009. I just watched the 2003 edition over the weekend, and I’m planning to watch the remaining editions every Saturday before the 2022 edition on December 11.

That’s my two cents on Eurovision. Let me know what you think and how you got into the contest.


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