WordPress Adventures #1: Ch-ch-changes

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Yeah, I’m gonna make this a weekly series, because I am such a complete human mess, I thought I would share with you my blogging journey on WordPress

Sunday, August 21: Turned at least 5 ideas into drafts (including this post you’re seeing right now). Worked on some of them. I also went to the theme customizer page but didn’t remember what I was doing or why I was there. Published a post about my first week on WordPress

Monday, August 22: Published a scheduled article (I schedule all posts here). Scheduled some others for the week (again, including this one). Finally remembered why I went to customization… I needed something for the second sidebar because it was empty. Published a post about learning about MLM companies in general

Tuesday, August 23: Wrote and polished some draft posts that are now scheduled (I am now down to one draft post). Did research on next Monday’s blog post. Add a picture to a post that will be sent out the next day. Changed themes again until I found the best one that is suitable for both my aesthetic and easy for people to read and navigate the site. Published a post about reacting to people’s misfortunes

Wednesday, August 24: Honestly, the only thing I did today on here was write some more posts to be published later. I didn’t touch the theme (and I’m not going to touch it anymore because this time I’m satisfied with it). Did some more research on SEOs and keyword researching and I think I may have an idea as to which keywords I would use for one of my topics from here on out. Published a post about my overall love for Pokemon

Thursday, August 25: Turned some new ideas (all anti-MLM stuff) into drafts. Created two posts which will go out next week. Found out that I hit 100 views, so thank you all for coming and reading my posts. Created new accounts for my blog, so go here and here and give them a follow. Published a post about CNN International

Friday, August 26: Did no writing whatsoever today (except updating this post before it went live Sunday). Instead, I decided to update my older blog posts (plus the ones that will soon be published and future blog posts) by adding an accompanying YouTube video to each post via the Anchor podcast network, which translates your blog posts into text to speech. I will make a post about this in the future. Published a post about crypto bros taking massive losses (and the TTS video that goes with it)

Saturday, August 27: Went back to my writing as I added more content to my upcoming blogs. Adding to my post about diets, I have lost 29 pounds so far (from 296 to 267) in 6 months, so I celebrated last night. Published a post about my progress watching all 20 Junior Eurovision editions (and where I am at) SPOILERS: I’m 20% there

I registered for a couple of free courses here and I should actually get on that, so I’ll report to you back once I actually start. Anyway, thanks for making it this far. I’m trying to do some experiments on how to make my blog more valuable to the readers, if that makes sense, but I think for now I’ll give a shoutout to Renard Moreau for writing this post on how to change it up a bit (like going to a new room or posting on a different time of the day). His blogs are valuable to those like me who are constantly looking for ways to make their blogs as fun and informative as possible.

As always, let me know your thoughts in the comments section. And if you want, share them to your followers on social media.


Author: dezbee2008

33-year-old math enthusiast, Pokemon fan, Eurovision fan, Bingo player, anti-MLM watcher, meme consumer, YTP watcher, stans news reporters when no one else wants to, inconsistent in real life, a complete human mess, and professional social media lurker

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