Eurovision (and other music) Roundup Saturday 2022.09.24

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It’s a short one this week.

Ukraine picks a song for Junior Eurovision 2022

Meet Zlata Dzyunka, Ukraine’s choice for the upcoming Junior Eurovision Song Contest. While she isn’t the first artist known to compete this year, she presents the first competing song, so I’ll leave it here

Meanwhile, the Netherlands will pick their JESC entry tonight.

Junior Eurovision 2010 Rewatch

Today, I’ll be watching the 2010 edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, the first of two to take place in Minsk, Belarus (the other is 2018). The contest is available on the official JESC YouTube channel, so that’s where I will be this afternoon. Being that this is the 8th edition, I’m 12 weeks away from finishing this series

Various countries announcing their national/internal selection dates

One way to keep up with the contest as a whole is by following various national and internal selections. Many countries started scheduling their annual shows this week: Poland will have theirs on February 26, Latvia is holding their annual Supernova competition, Belgium opts for an invite-only national selection, and San Marino’s 2nd annual Una Voce per San Marino show saw submissions from artists from 17 countries.

Favorite non-Eurovision tracks of the week

Finally, I gotta drop my favorite non-Eurovision tracks of the week. I might do some sort of a review in the future

  • Beyonce — Cozy (found through TikTok)
  • BLACKPINK — Pink Venom
  • Sam Smith — Unholy
  • David Guetta feat Bebe Rexha — I’m Good
  • Grant Knoche — First Hello
  • Stela Cole — Star
  • BLACKPINK — Shut Down
  • Armani Blanco — Billie Eilish
  • Lizzo — About Damn Time
  • Doja Cat — Vegas
  • Tyga — Ayy Macarena
  • Rema — Calm Down

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