Writing Prompt Wednesday #3

By the time you see this, my area will be under a hurricane, so apologies if I don’t get to you.

This week’s prompt is: It’s noon. There’s bright sunshine. You’re in a national park. There’s a peaceful feel to the place

Normally, I would do a script, but I’ll make it a poem this time.

I’m bad at poems, please don’t kill me lol. Ian is not making this shit easier

The time is 12 noon

The flowers are in full bloom

I find myself at a park

But soon I see a spark

The water is pristine

The sun is everywhere to be seen

I feel at peace

As the grass is under a breeze

I looked at the manatee

The kids saw him with glee

Then there are two

And it quickly became a crew

They swam in a stream

It’s almost like a team

Finally, they swam away

And I go on about my day


Author: dezbee2008

33-year-old math enthusiast, Pokemon fan, Eurovision fan, Bingo player, anti-MLM watcher, meme consumer, YTP watcher, stans news reporters when no one else wants to, inconsistent in real life, a complete human mess, and professional social media lurker

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