WordPress Adventures #6: Hurricane Ian Edition

NEW: You can listen to this blog post here

I lived through Hurricane Ian and I am here to put together another episode of this WordPress-exclusive series

My Posts from the past week

As always, we start the week with a previous episode of WordPress Adventures. If you missed episode 5, we got it here for you

This week’s anti-MLM post takes a look at Elomir, the compensation plan, the fallout if you will, and their social media strategy.

Despite Hurricane Ian messing around with his back-and-forth forecast of whether or not Volusia County would get hit (we lost), I made my third Writing Prompt Wednesday, and this time is a poem (which is all I could muster because what else can you do when you have to prepare for a huge storm coming your way)

Speaking of Ian, here’s my post letting you know that I’m fine

As always, we end the week with some major news from Eurovision

My ‘Actual’ Adventures

I was able to play around on WordPress despite Hurricane Ian coming this way. Okay, it went to the Naples/Ft. Myers area, but in Volusia County, where I live, we were drenched. And I mean, we were drenched. My family and I stayed at home while Ian unleashed his winds on us, but we survived unscathed. We lost power for 29 hours this time (6am Thursday to almost 11am Friday) but as I mentioned in my Friday post, we were blessed. The images from Naples, Ft. Myers, and even through Central Florida tho… yeah, crazy. As for being on WordPress, I had to play catch up

Favorite Blog Posts From This Past Week

Unfortunately, I didn’t have a chance to read and feature blog posts from around WordPress because of preparing for Hurricane Ian, but this segment will be back next week.


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