Eurovision (and other music) Roundup Saturday 2022.10.22

A short one, but we have an idea of how many countries will compete (and how long the shows will be in May)

Cyprus picks their artist

Andrew Lambrou was chosen by Cyprus’ TV station CyBC to represent the country in Liverpool next year. He is the second artist to be selected to compete in Liverpool after Israel chose Noa Kirel over the summer. Lambrou is Greek-Cypriot-Aussie and competed in Australia’s national selection in 2022.

37 Countries will be in Liverpool

The European Broadcasting Union released the list of 37 countries that will be competing in Liverpool, with Cyprus and Israel among them. However, as mentioned last week, Montenegro, Bulgaria, and North Macedonia dropped out (although Bulgaria tried to walk back). This is the lowest number of participants since 2014. Although Kazakhstan is eyeing a debut so we might or might not see them in Liverpool, who knows.

Junior Eurovision 2014 Rewatch

Tonight, I’m rewatching one of my favorite editions of JESC, and it’s the 2014 edition in Malta. 16 countries competed, up 4 from the previous two years. Italy debuted and won the contest, with Bulgaria (who hosted the next contest) in second. The hosting venue is pretty much a continuation of the shipyard aesthetic that Copenhagen undertook some months earlier. This will be a fun one, so I can’t wait to watch it again

Totallympics Open Song Contest Update

The voting period will end on October 28, but I have already made my decision to secure my country’s entry. I don’t know if my teammate voted yet, but I’m sure he’s working on it. Anyway, that’s pretty much the only update I have this week

Favorite Tracks of the Week

As always, we end it with some of my favorite tracks of the week

  • Gromee feat Lukas Meijer — Light Me Up
  • Ronela Hajati — Sekret
  • Jeremie Makiese — Miss You
  • Alvan & Ahez — Fulenn
  • Now United — All Night Long
  • Taylor Swift — Lavender Haze
  • Waka Flocka Flame feat Roscoe Dash & Wale — No Hands
  • Sam Smith & Kim Petras — Unholy
  • Rhea Raj — Outside

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