Eurovision (and other music) Roundup Saturday 2022.10.29

New artists come into the fray and that’s pretty much it for this edition.

4 new artists for Junior Eurovision

4 more countries added their singers to the 20th edition. Ireland and Albania did it through the national finals, while Armenia and France chose internally. Sophie Lennon, Kejtlin Gjata, Nare, and Lissandro will be respectively representing these countries in Yerevan in December. Lissandro’s song is already out. I’ll be reacting to that and other songs when the time comes

Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2015 Recap

Today I’ll be watching the 2015 contest, the 13th edition in the lineup. This one will be like watching it brand new because around that same time, I was bombarded with bad energy after bad energy. 2015 was not a good year for me and I could not enjoy this contest at the time. Now, after almost 7 years, I’m going to enjoy it, with no one stopping me. Anyway, the contest was held in Bulgaria with 17 countries taking part, and I cannot wait to watch it in full with a much better mood

TOISC Update

All 40 countries had voted by the deadline so now the real preparation starts. You can follow along here

Favorite Tracks of the Week

As always, we end it with some of my favorite tracks of the week

  • Rihanna feat Chris Brown — Birthday Cake (I found out it’s a remix and also yikes, but I like this song, okay)
  • Eden Alene — Set Me Free
  • Dias — Boom Boom
  • Joe — I Don’t Wanna Know
  • Drake feat WizKid and Kyla — One Dance
  • Nicki Minaj — Roman Holiday
  • Rihanna — Pon De Replay

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