As promised, I will be reviewing each Eurovision entry in the most inconsistent way possible. The entries will be reviewed in a random order using my personal wheel on the Wheel of Names website.

Next is Denmark. They are sending Reiley with Breaking My Heart

Date chosen: February 11, 2023

Method: Through their annual Dansk Melodi Grand Prix selection. 8 acts competed for a chance to represent Denmark in Liverpool

What I think: While most people aren’t feeling this, I am. Yes, it may be another cliche love song (shoutout to Denmark 2014), but it’s the autotune portion that made me place it just under my top 10. As such, I’m sure Reiley can pull it off once he gets to Liverpool considering how other artists of Eurovision past have pulled it off before

Ranking: 8.5/10

Chance (of qualifying and/or winning): Despite my best wishes, I just don’t see Denmark qualifying

Live performances in Poland, the Netherlands, and Israel


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