As promised, I will be reviewing each Eurovision entry in the most inconsistent way possible. The entries will be reviewed in a random order using my personal wheel on the Wheel of Names website.

Next is Australia. They are sending Voyager with Promise

Date chosen: February 21, 2023

Method: Voyager’s music video was released on February 21, 2023, on the official Eurovision channel under the secret “Australia Official Video” tag. They were selected internally by TV station SBS to represent Australia in Liverpool

What I think: Australia is sending a band for their first time since joining the Eurovision family in 2015, and this band has been wanting to compete in the contest this whole time. However, for me, as much I liked the melody and the guitar solo that it brings, it felt flat. There was a slight buildup but they didn’t really do anything beyond that. Still, a good effort by Australia

Ranking: 5/10

Chance (of qualifying and/or winning): It’s Australia. Even with one prior NQ, they can still get through (but barely) so maybe 30%?

Live performances in the United Kingdom, Netherlands, and Spain


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