As promised, I will be reviewing each Eurovision entry in the most inconsistent way possible. The entries will be reviewed in a random order using my personal wheel on the Wheel of Names website.

Next is Armenia. They are sending Brunette with Future Lover

Date chosen: February 1, 2023 (artist); March 15, 2023 (song)

Method: Brunette was chosen by Armenian TV station AMPTV on February 1, 2023, days after the speculation. Her song Future Lover was released on the Eurovision channel on March 15, 2023, becoming the 36th song to be released (Georgia’s entry was released the next day)

What I think: I’ll be honest, I was expecting something else when I saw the thumbnail on the official Eurovision channel, so I was initially disappointed with the song. What saved it was the melodic “be good, look good, do good” line and the final lines in Armenian. I have no doubt that despite my personal opinion, Armenia will do well in the contest with the right staging

Ranking: 6/10

Chance (of qualifying and/or winning): Probably around 90%

Live performances in the Netherlands and Spain


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