PREVIEW: Eurovision Song Contest 2023 Semi-Final 2

Date: May 11, 2023

Time: 9 pm CEST (3 pm EDT)

Location: Liverpool Arena (also called the M&S Bank Arena)

Number of Countries competing: 16

Tonight is the second of three shows for the year. After coming in with a 90% rate on Tuesday, I thought that I’ll give it a go in giving my thoughts and expectations for the second semi-final. 16 acts are competing for the final 10 spots in the grand final. This one, however, is harder to predict than it looks, even though three acts have been all but written off already (that doesn’t mean they can’t qualify… look at Croatia lol)

1 Denmark: Reiley — Breaking My Heart

The guy is a social media star on TikTok, he’s the first from the Faroe Islands to compete at Eurovision, and tonight he will be pretty in pink. The props are basically the same as in the official music video. As for the autotune, I’m sure he got that down on lock as previous Eurovision acts have done. Still, I’m a bit iffy about its chances

Chance of qualifying: 50%

2 Armenia: Brunette — Future Lover

From what I have read and seen about this performance, there is no way I’m leaving this out. This has to qualify! Eurovision gods, do whatever you can to bring that Snap energy to Brunette and Armenia because they gotta build on that. Decide to be good, look good, and do good today, people. I’ll be voting for this tonight for sure. Still not a fan of the song, though, but I’m excited for this one

Chance of qualifying: 90%

3 Romania: Theodor Andrei — D.G.T. (Off and On)

As I had mentioned earlier, this is my guilty pleasure. I had it in my top 10 for a while, but now it’s sitting in the middle. Still, I’m probably not expecting much from him. I mean, I know he’s building on that “rock and roll never dies” mantra from Maneskin, but this ain’t it, bro.

Chance of qualifying: 20%

4 Estonia: Alika — Bridges

My last places have a better chance at qualifying than my winners. Thankfully, my overall winner (Finland) is in the final, and given my personal track record, Estonia will qualify too. She kept the haunting piano which I’m sure will carry her through. Song sucks tho

Chance of qualifying: 85%

5 Belgium: Gustaph — Because of You

You can’t have Eurovision without a queer anthem, and Belgium is bringing it. Gustaph also likes hats. Anyway, like Denmark, pink is the name of the game here (along with black). This will cheer you up when you’re down and I’m hoping for a three-minute party on stage.

Chance of qualifying: 90%

6 Cyprus: Andrew Lambrou — Break a Broken Heart

As reluctant as I can be, this is actually qualifying. Andrew is a solid performer and there’s no doubt in my mind that he will elevate it tonight. I have this among my predictions as a shoe-in, so let’s see how this goes

Chance of qualifying: 70%

7 Iceland: Diljá — Power

I really like this song, and I would love to have it in the final, but on my predictions list, it’s on standby. One thing I know about her is that she’s an energetic performer, so she might have a chance. Or maybe not. She’s also a huge Eurovision fan… I’m just adding it here.

Chance of qualifying: 60%

8 Greece: Victor Vernicos — What They Say

Yeah, so there’s probably a very minuscule change that he will qualify for the final. The song wasn’t there for me when it came out, and I never really grew into it as time went on. However, he rocked the khakis.

Chance of qualifying: 30%

9 Poland: Blanka — Solo

Bejba, it’s kana krejza! Alright, still not a fan of the song, but once I heard Blanka added a dance solo, I said, “you know what? We need this in the final”. I’m happy she has embraced the bejba nickname after the backlash she went through after winning the national selection (there’s points to be made, but not the point). I’ll definitely vote for this one tonight

Chance of qualifying: 80%

10 Slovenia: Joker Out — Carpe Diem

The guys from Joker Out have been incredible since their song was released in February, so I’ll be extra happy if they do qualify. I don’t know how close the audience will be to them like they were back home in Slovenia, but they can pull it off. They’re gonna seize the day (and the semis, just saying). I’ll swing a vote or two their way

Chance of qualifying: 90%

11 Georgia: Iru — Echo

Eurovision gods, please let this girl qualify. She really deserves it. The song has been stuck with me since its March release. She even won Junior Eurovision ffs (as part of Candy, one of three Georgia acts to win Junior Eurovision). She’s the one I worry about the most, so let’s see what happens. I’ll be voting for this one too

Chance of qualifying: 75%

12 San Marino: Piqued Jacks — Like an Animal

Piqued Jacks have also been incredible, even though they practically have no chance of qualifying. They have embraced that and even replied to one of my tweets commenting on their sense of humor, so I really appreciate that.

Chance of qualifying: Practically 0%

13 Austria: Teya & Salena — Who the Hell is Edgar?

My semi-final 2 winners. I got to watch them react to other Austrian acts yesterday via Eurovision Hub and it turns out this is not the first time Austria has delved into this topic, so they know what’s up, I guess. I got no worries for them — they know what they’re doing.

Chance of qualifying: 100%

14 Albania: Albina & Familija Kelmendi — Duje

Do we all love a good family affair? It’s all in the family for Albina, her siblings, and her parents as they take the stage. Good song, the staging I heard is powerful. However, I feel like something’s missing. Well, we’ll see, but get ready for some supposed family drama here

Chance of qualifying: 50%

15 Lithuania: Monika Linkyte — Stay

Monika will do it again. You heard it here first (except you’ve heard it before). 8 years ago, she teamed up with Vaidas Baumila, and this time, she’s solo with the girls in tow. As a woman, I love seeing other women do their thing, and this is no different. There’s also a lot of orange, my third favorite color. So, yes, I’m putting this through to the final

Chance of qualifying: 80%

16 Australia: Voyager — Promise

Like Cyprus, this is a shoe-in qualifier for me. They’re huge Eurovision fans and have been wanting to compete since Australia started competing and it’s finally their time. One request though: I hope they promise it’ll be alright no matter what happens tonight

Chance of qualifying: 55%

My actual top

  1. Austria
  2. Georgia
  3. Denmark
  4. Iceland
  5. Belgium
  6. Romania
  7. Albania
  8. Slovenia
  9. Armenia
  10. Lithuania
  11. Cyprus
  12. Australia
  13. Greece
  14. San Marino
  15. Poland
  16. Estonia

My final prediction

  1. Armenia
  2. Estonia
  3. Belgium
  4. Cyprus
  5. Poland
  6. Slovenia
  7. Georgia
  8. Austria
  9. Lithuania
  10. Australia


That’s my thoughts for the semi-final. Come back tomorrow for my review


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