REVIEW: Eurovision Song Contest 2023 Semi-Final 2

Yesterday was the second semi-final of the annual Eurovision Song Contest. I got the chance to watch it live during the afternoon hours and I watched the performances again last night. I have followed the contest for 14 years and every year I feel like there are some things I never knew about. For that, here’s a brief review of the second of three shows

The qualifiers

I’m gonna be honest here… while I’m overall not surprised by the qualifications, I however do not see Albania qualifying coming. They looked and sounded like they sang their heart out, but I didn’t think people liked it so much to qualify. Same with Poland. Great meme content, but I thought that was it. The dance part actually elevated it, tho. Cyprus and Australia were shoe-in qualifiers for me and they both went through. Estonia kept my last-place qualification streak alive. Belgium, Austria, Lithuania, Armenia, and Slovenia were the safest bets.

The nonqualifiers

People already knew Denmark, Romania, Iceland, Greece, and San Marino weren’t qualifying, so I wasn’t shocked. However, Georgia was a shock NQ. Having watch the interviews in the weeks prior to the contest, this was one of the things Iru wanted, which was to break Georgia’s NQ streak and… y’all. I don’t want to hear shit like “she just wasn’t good enough”, “she didn’t have the best vocals”, I don’t care. SHE. WAS. ROBBED. And that’s the end of that conversation

Other parts of the show

I didn’t really pay attention to the other parts of the show, but the ones I do remember are the segment with Timur and Graham, Scooch (UK 2007) handing out scorecards, the drag show interval (which was the best of the night, really) and the performance from two former Ukrainian Eurovision participants (one was in last fall’s Junior Eurovision contest). Overall, a good mix


The show was a surprise, certainly more surprising than the first semi. Now all the focus will be on the grand final. Tomorrow, I’ll be giving my thoughts on the finalists, so stay tuned


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