WordPress Adventures #10: Sportsball Season

I watched a lot of sports this week. My very short recap is coming

My Posts From This Week

As always, we start things off with the previous episode which you can find it here

This week’s anti-MLM post is about MLM companies pretending to be small businesses (surprise, right) in order to get into craft fairs. It’s as you would expect, tho. You can read up on it here

This week’s Writing Prompt is also MLM-related with a side of crypto. The second part will be coming in the next edition, but here’s where it stands right now

And we end things off with Eurovision, where we welcome 4 new entrants to Junior Eurovision and an update on an online contest that I’m taking part in

My ‘Actual’ Adventures

Once again, my actual adventures were had offline. I’ve been catching up with friends and family, planning for a Halloween party (note: there’s no anti-MLM post this Monday), and my followed sports teams are doing pretty good. Kind of. I got one in the World Series (Philadelphia Phillies), the other is undefeated (Philadelphia Eagles), one who is really picking up the pieces since last season (Phoenix Suns), and one who finally got a win (Orlando Magic, my local NBA Team btw).

No posts to share this week. When my spectrum ass finally gets its gear going, I’ll bring it back


WordPress Adventures #9: Offline Edition

As you can tell by the title, I pretty much stayed away from WordPress this week, but I was able to make my posts. Without further ado, let’s go

My Posts From This Week

We always start with the previous episodes, so if you want to catch up, here it is

This week’s anti-MLM episode takes a look at huns using tragedy and death to sell their products. I reacted to 10 posts showcasing everything from anniversaries to more personal tragedies, and you can read all about it here

This week’s Writing Prompt was another last-minute post. I had wanted to do another play, then I wanted to do an AI-style story, and then I wanted to react to some famous quotes, but I ended up with a story about a reporter who also sings on the side who got called to compete in her state’s song selection.

No Friday post again, but we did close out the week with some Eurovision stuff, including the number of countries competing in Liverpool next year

My ‘Actual’ Adventures

As mentioned earlier, I stayed off WordPress this week to focus on other things, but I will have a full slate of posts for the upcoming week. However, I do want to turn your attention to some things I was fixated on this week, including the MLB Postseason, the NBA Season, voting in an online song contest, and reading up on a reporter in Iowa who is an out-and-proud trans (and she’s also terminally online. I’m with you on that, Nora)

No posts to share this week. When my spectrum ass finally gets its gear going, I’ll bring it back

WordPress Adventures #8: Controversies Galore

A short week on WordPress for me, so let’s get going

And if you missed previous episodes, click here

My Posts From This Week

I only did 4 posts this week. The first is the recap of last week’s episode which you can find here

I also dived into the “free” stuff MLM companies love to use to entice people to join, but they came with a lot of costs… literally and figuratively.

I switched up Writing Prompt Wednesday is react to some famous quotes. I don’t think anyone has done that before, so I might do another one next week. Next week, I might have a different title than Writing Prompt Wednesday, so stay tuned

Finally, we got a lot to get to for Eurovision and other similar contests

My ‘Actual’ Adventures

This week, I was busy with work, so I didn’t get to do the things I wanted to do. However… I watched some sports, especially the MLB postseason games. I also watched the final January 6th hearings before the midterms and man, did we get some tea out of that. I also found out that a favorite journalist of mine got into some major trouble in Thailand, and I am disappointed in her. And her cameraman. Don’t film active crime scenes, y’all.

Favorite Posts From the Week

Normally, I would end with some of my favorite posts, but because I haven’t gotten the chance to read other blog posts, I will leave this blank. I hope to have this feature back next week

WordPress Adventures #7: Catching Up Is Hard To Do

NEW: You can listen to this blog post here

This is the 7th episode and I got a lot to get through, so here we go

My posts from the past week

As always, we start with the previous episode, so if you missed my adventures between blogging and preparing for Hurricane Ian, you can read it here

This week’s anti-MLM post focuses on high school mean girls who somehow turn into hunbots, or who got manipulated into joining MLMs and you would think there’s a correlation.

I didn’t have time to come up with a prompt this week, so I pulled up one that I did some time ago and added it here

For Friday’s post, it was a last-minute decision to write about how people have more vitrol over things we cannot control than the things we can

And we finish the week with some Eurovision news, and y’all, we got content

My ‘Actual’ Adventures

Considering it was my first whole week since Ian hit my state, I decided to check back on things that I had to postpone, and while I had a few hiccups along the way, it was all smooth sailing on this side. However, I mentioned yesterday that I am participating in an online song contest on a sports forum and we are among the 41 countries that are taking part, so I’ll probably be busy ranking the other songs and giving points to my top 12 favorites this upcoming Saturday if needed.

In other news, my mail-in ballot for the upcoming midterms came in and I quickly filled it out and sent it back. My sister and mom also voted. If you haven’t voted yet, please check with your state’s voter registration office before the deadline. This election is too great to ignore and democracy is at stake. That’s all I can say about it. Take it what you will

My Favorite Posts From The Past Week

I’m bringing this section back after postponing it from last week, so check out these posts from my fellow WPers

Where in the World: Northern America Part 6 from Trina

Would You Pass On A Message From A Frog? from Renard Moreau

I Really Do Not Give A Damn About Blogtober from Renard Moreau

What Do You Value Most About Blogging? from Renard Moreau

6 Relaxing Ways to Enjoy Some Me-Time from Olivia Lucie Blake

Where in the World: Haiti from Trina

How To Conduct Behavioural Experiments: A Self-Help CBT Skill from parkysmentalhealthtips

News Cycle from gregfallis

Cowboy Dinner Topped With Breadsticks from In Diane’s Kitchen

Eating Things I Hate For A Day from Pooja G

Nine Attitudes To Have When Practicing Mindfulness For Wellbeing: By Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn from parkysmentalhealthtips

Funny Introvert Memes from Pooja G

WordPress Adventures #6: Hurricane Ian Edition

NEW: You can listen to this blog post here

I lived through Hurricane Ian and I am here to put together another episode of this WordPress-exclusive series

My Posts from the past week

As always, we start the week with a previous episode of WordPress Adventures. If you missed episode 5, we got it here for you

This week’s anti-MLM post takes a look at Elomir, the compensation plan, the fallout if you will, and their social media strategy.

Despite Hurricane Ian messing around with his back-and-forth forecast of whether or not Volusia County would get hit (we lost), I made my third Writing Prompt Wednesday, and this time is a poem (which is all I could muster because what else can you do when you have to prepare for a huge storm coming your way)

Speaking of Ian, here’s my post letting you know that I’m fine

As always, we end the week with some major news from Eurovision

My ‘Actual’ Adventures

I was able to play around on WordPress despite Hurricane Ian coming this way. Okay, it went to the Naples/Ft. Myers area, but in Volusia County, where I live, we were drenched. And I mean, we were drenched. My family and I stayed at home while Ian unleashed his winds on us, but we survived unscathed. We lost power for 29 hours this time (6am Thursday to almost 11am Friday) but as I mentioned in my Friday post, we were blessed. The images from Naples, Ft. Myers, and even through Central Florida tho… yeah, crazy. As for being on WordPress, I had to play catch up

Favorite Blog Posts From This Past Week

Unfortunately, I didn’t have a chance to read and feature blog posts from around WordPress because of preparing for Hurricane Ian, but this segment will be back next week.

WordPress Adventures #5: I’ve Been Walking 500 Miles… That’s How It Goes, Right?

NEW: You can listen to this blog post here

Another Sunday, another episode of WordPress Adventures. Let’s get it, y’all.

My posts from the past week

As you guys know, I always start the week with a recap of the previous week, so click here if you missed episode 4 and you can also read previous episodes

This week’s anti-MLM post looks at the MLM ‘war’ on 9-5 and why they shit on it so much. Plus, I decided to do a text reaction to another anti-MLMer’s video. I might do a more spoken reaction in the future, but for now, this will do.

This week’s writing prompt is about a child asking her aunt about an event that the child didn’t know actually happened in her aunt’s life.

I have hit 500 all-time views, so I did an analysis of when and where they came from, and it was interesting, to say the least. I will be doing this again when I hit 1000 all-time views.

And we end the week with a Eurovision recap, along with some songs that were on my radar.

My ‘Actual’ Adventures

So I woke up early Sunday morning and saw that I have hit 100 likes and 500 views. I want to thank you all for stopping by and reading my posts. I really appreciate it. Apart from that, I really didn’t do anything spectacular on this blog apart from writing posts for the following week and exploring the reader app. In fact, most of my ‘adventures’ this week were spent on Qmee, and I don’t regret it one bit.

Also, I started tackling my depression this week. Yes, I have depression, not crippling, but enough to drain energy from me most days. I am trying to find a skin and hair routine that works for me and for my dry skin and textured hair. So far, I use Sulfur-8 to deal with my scalp and Dove for my skin. I’m not sure if it’s early to make New Years’ Resolutions, but finding a routine is on top of my list. I also want to explore my hometown because I’ve actually been home-bound and don’t really go out much for the past 7 years (yes, even before COVID) and I guess being a homebody and a pacifist has clouded my judgment on everything, hence why this blog is my stepping stone.

Aaaaaaaand there’s a tropical storm / hurricane coming my way, so this next week should be fun /s

Favorite posts from the week

And I want to close out this episode with some interesting posts from fellow WordPress bloggers from this past week.

6 Ways to Use Instagram to Promote Your Blog from Kally

Seven Tips to Optimize Your Sleep Health from Pooja G (via Parky)

How I Reduced My Social Anxiety Using Evidence-Based Strategies from Parky

Ways You Can Help Manage Stress from Pooja G (via Davane)

Slow Activity On The WordPress.com Reader from Renard Moreau

Do You Use The WordPress Mobile App from Renard Moreau

Have You Published Anything Lately from Renard Moreau

Mad Things are Happening on WordPress from Renard Moreau

4 Tips For Gaining More Confidence from Olivia Lucie Blake

Where in the World: Afghanistan from itsgoodtobecrazysometimes

Trina Inquires 20/9/22 from itsgoodtobecrazysometimes

Do you have a blog or a post you want me to look at? Post it below and I’ll check it out

WordPress Adventures #4: Increasing Quality A Little At A Time

Sorry for the generic picture, tho.
NEW: You can listen to this blog post here

Fewer posts, more quality… that’s how it goes, right?

I’m not gonna do a day-by-day post like I did in the last three editions. Instead, I’m going to recap my posts for the week as well as some posts I feel like sharing from my favorite bloggers

My posts from the week

Obviously, I start with a recap of last week’s episode, where I reviewed a survey app and gave a long tutorial. (The 3rd WordPress Adventures Episode)

This week’s anti-MLM post about how MLMs leverage marriage for and against couples was published on Monday as part of the anti-MLM Monday series.

I made a post via inspiration from a fellow WordPress blogger as well as two digital artists (one is my sister). I also discussed three cases of high-profile plagiarism, two of which are from journalists. I will admit that upon making this blog I never actually thought about people stealing content for clout. After I finished it, I’m also taking measures to protect myself.

I did my first writing prompt, and I thought I did a good job. I actually enjoyed doing this for a number of reasons, among them that I prefer doing this over poems (I cannot do poems for the life of me) and writing prompts, poems, and other writing-based posts are in high demand, so I just wanted to see how it goes. I’m doing another one next week.

Finally, I end the week in the entertainment world.

The ‘Actual’ Adventures

So I re-added the home page because I finally figured out how to customize it to my liking. I might change my theme again now that I got what I wanted out of placing a “blog posts” block when I edited the home page. By the time you read this, I will have a different theme and a real home page, although I’m kinda still working on that, but it’s literally the hardest page I’ve made on here (even harder than some of my posts)

Favorite posts from fellow WordPress Bloggers from the past week

Loving WordPress is Not Hard To Do from Renard’s World

Where in the World: Western Asia Part 6 from It’s Good to be Crazy Sometimes (I may have to go back to read the whole series because this looks fun and I love geography)

Why Do Some People Get Fed Up with Blogging from Renard’s World

Do We Need to Promote Our Blog Posts on Social Media from Renard’s World

The Last Lesson on Life from dkchauhanpoetry

What I Love and Hate about Blogging from lifesfinewhine

Using Your Blog to Help and Inspire Others from Renard’s World

WordPress Adventures #3: I Made a Tutorial???

NEW: You can listen to this blog post here

Sunday, September 4: I worked on a couple of upcoming anti-MLM posts for this blog. One will be out by the time you see this, but the other one will be coming the following Monday, September 12. I am starting research on another anti-MLM post that will be coming the following Monday, September 19. I think you know where this is going. Anyway, if you missed last week’s episode, here it is

Monday, September 5: It’s Labor Day here in the US, so I got down to writing. I started a writing prompt post and a post about stealing content that I will publish next week. Every Monday is Anti-MLM Monday, so this week, we look at manipulation tactics used by huns to recruit and maintain their downline

Tuesday, September 6: I published my 25th blog post, which is about how I turn my post into text-to-speech using anchor.fm, YouTube, and my native Microsoft Video Editor. It’s a long one and even I was surprised by how many screenshots I took to make this post.

Wednesday, September 7: I didn’t do a lot of writing, but since I’m pulling back from posting daily to posting 3-4 times a week, I decided to focus more on using the WordPress Reader, both on the web and on the app. Today, I started following a few anti-MLM blogs and liked some of the posts from those I have already interacted with (and even left a comment). I mentioned in a comment left on someone’s post that though I am the least sociable person, I will slowly make an effort to interact with fellow bloggers here. With that being said, I finished a post endorsing the survey app Qmee and it was published today

Thursday, September 8: Busy, busy day today. Watching the coverage of the death of Queen Elizabeth II for starters. My sister’s boyfriend celebrated his birthday. We were treated to a nice steak dinner, so that was cool. Speaking of, I posted about my personal weight loss journey.

Friday, September 9: It was an off day, but I did publish a post about the NFL season. I must say, I’m excited about it.

Saturday, September 10: It’s Eurovision Saturday, so here’s this week’s ESC post. I’m still waiting for the online song contest on a sports forum that I’m a part of, so I’ll keep you updated about when it starts and ends.

This upcoming week, I will have an anti-MLM post, as well as a post about stealing content and I am also trying out a writing prompt. I did that in a form of a script because I find it easier to start off with than writing an actual story. I’m also taking a couple days off from posting next week to see how the traction goes. I’m starting to experiment here to see how my blog performs.

WordPress Adventures #2: Going back to class… sort of

NEW: You can listen to the blog post here

New week, new recap, y’all

Sunday, August 28: I started the week by discovering that I have surpassed 200 views, doubling the 100 mark from just a few days ago, so you know I have to thank you for stopping by. You are awesome. Anyway, I didn’t have the motivation to write today, but the first episode of WordPress Adventures went live

Monday, August 29: Did Module 1 in the Intro to Blogging course (I will be doing this all week). Might have to add a page, but we’ll see. Every Monday is Anti-MLM Monday, and I did one on the two hunbros that had gone viral for all the wrong reasons. I am truly sorry if you have learned about them through me lol

Tuesday, August 30: Did Module 2 in the Intro to Blogging course. The thought of asking what and why over and over again shudders me, but apparently, it works in blogging. Didn’t do much writing, tho. I had a busy day outside blogging (worked, planned my weekend schedule). Today’s published post is on why I even made this blog in the first place, which is on brand for the module I worked on today

Wednesday, August 31: Did Module 3 in the Intro to Blogging course. Again, did very little writing, but I did have a post about working/studying in blocks of time more manageable, known as the Pomodoro Technique

Thursday, September 1: Did Module 4 in the Intro to Blogging course. Revised some of my future posts to make them cleaner. I started using some external writing tools to help me keep my writing anywhere from a 4th to 8th-grade level because I have a bad habit of writing in levels beyond 9th grade. My post about people being smug on social media re student loans went live, so go check it out if you haven’t already

Friday, September 2: Did Module 5 in the Intro to Blogging course. Do literally no writing apart from updating this post until it went live. My short post about the popular classic card game UNO went live

Saturday, September 3: Did Module 6 (the last one) in the Intro to Blogging course. I had a great time learning about the basics and I plan to apply them in the weeks to come. Saturday-Monday is where I do the majority of writing, and because it’s almost Labor Day, I have scheduled some time to write posts for next week. Every Saturday, I plan to do a music-related post. It will be mostly Eurovision-related but I will dab into other areas. Speaking of, here are 14 things I’ve learned after following the contest for over a decade

Stats wise, I have surpassed 330 views on this blog from 181 different visitors living in 36 countries and territories. Whether you came here through my blog’s Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram pages, my personal YouTube channel or Tumblr page, WordPress reader, or search engines (some of my pages are getting indexed now, so that’s cool), thank you so much for coming.

I am planning on scaling back a bit after I reach my one-month mark on September 14. I have found my primary niche and a few other topics that I have a bit more knowledge of.

One thing I learned this week was a month-long blogging blitz called “Blaugust”, and as far as I was told, it’s 31 days of new blog posts from participating bloggers. I will leave a blog post about a blogger’s experience with participation here, but it’s kinda hilarious I found out about it as I started this mid-August. I might do it next year, who knows. Thanks for stopping by, and remember to like, comment, and share if you find this (or any of my posts) valuable

WordPress Adventures #1: Ch-ch-changes

NEW: You can listen to this blog post here

Yeah, I’m gonna make this a weekly series, because I am such a complete human mess, I thought I would share with you my blogging journey on WordPress

Sunday, August 21: Turned at least 5 ideas into drafts (including this post you’re seeing right now). Worked on some of them. I also went to the theme customizer page but didn’t remember what I was doing or why I was there. Published a post about my first week on WordPress

Monday, August 22: Published a scheduled article (I schedule all posts here). Scheduled some others for the week (again, including this one). Finally remembered why I went to customization… I needed something for the second sidebar because it was empty. Published a post about learning about MLM companies in general

Tuesday, August 23: Wrote and polished some draft posts that are now scheduled (I am now down to one draft post). Did research on next Monday’s blog post. Add a picture to a post that will be sent out the next day. Changed themes again until I found the best one that is suitable for both my aesthetic and easy for people to read and navigate the site. Published a post about reacting to people’s misfortunes

Wednesday, August 24: Honestly, the only thing I did today on here was write some more posts to be published later. I didn’t touch the theme (and I’m not going to touch it anymore because this time I’m satisfied with it). Did some more research on SEOs and keyword researching and I think I may have an idea as to which keywords I would use for one of my topics from here on out. Published a post about my overall love for Pokemon

Thursday, August 25: Turned some new ideas (all anti-MLM stuff) into drafts. Created two posts which will go out next week. Found out that I hit 100 views, so thank you all for coming and reading my posts. Created new accounts for my blog, so go here and here and give them a follow. Published a post about CNN International

Friday, August 26: Did no writing whatsoever today (except updating this post before it went live Sunday). Instead, I decided to update my older blog posts (plus the ones that will soon be published and future blog posts) by adding an accompanying YouTube video to each post via the Anchor podcast network, which translates your blog posts into text to speech. I will make a post about this in the future. Published a post about crypto bros taking massive losses (and the TTS video that goes with it)

Saturday, August 27: Went back to my writing as I added more content to my upcoming blogs. Adding to my post about diets, I have lost 29 pounds so far (from 296 to 267) in 6 months, so I celebrated last night. Published a post about my progress watching all 20 Junior Eurovision editions (and where I am at) SPOILERS: I’m 20% there

I registered for a couple of free courses here and I should actually get on that, so I’ll report to you back once I actually start. Anyway, thanks for making it this far. I’m trying to do some experiments on how to make my blog more valuable to the readers, if that makes sense, but I think for now I’ll give a shoutout to Renard Moreau for writing this post on how to change it up a bit (like going to a new room or posting on a different time of the day). His blogs are valuable to those like me who are constantly looking for ways to make their blogs as fun and informative as possible.

As always, let me know your thoughts in the comments section. And if you want, share them to your followers on social media.

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