Anyone up for a game of UNO?

My two UNO decks that I bought in 2014
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If you were to ask me, UNO is my favorite card game in the entire world. I love matching colors and numbers and discarding them in a pile and the variations that came out since the game premiered in 1971 have made it even more fun

In my 33 years on earth, I have owned the two you saw above — the original and UNO Dare — as well as UNO Attack which was my birthday present in 2001.

The rules are the same somewhat throughout the series… you draw 7 cards to each player, then whoever goes first puts a card in the discard pile and the next person to their left has to either match the color, or the number, or has to draw until he or she gets the first card that matches the criteria

Sometimes a player can play those special cards like reverse, draw, wild card, draw 2, and wild plus draw 4. A player wins the game after discarding their final card (or cards, if necessary). Beforehand, though, they have to yell out UNO when they’re on their final card.

It’s always fun when I play it with my family. We actually played this many times in the early months of the pandemic. Though I haven’t played it in over a year, it’s still my go-to game when I have downtime.

I bought these two decks in 2014 from a nearby Walgreens that have since shut down. The original UNO deck had been well known for decades, but the UNO Dare deck had just come out. I still have them 8 years later, but I have placed them in sandwich bags.

Yeah, I tried the apps too, but nothing beats the old classic game

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