Eurovision (and other music) Roundup Saturday 2022.10.01

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I was gonna do a straight-up music review, but both Eurovision and Junior Eurovision (and Hurricane Ian) had other plans, so let’s go

16 Countries competing in Junior Eurovision 2022

On Monday, the European Broadcasting Union released the names of 16 countries that will compete at the 20th Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Yerevan, Armenia this December. That is a drop from 19 countries that took part in Paris last year. The United Kingdom is back after 17 years, but 4 countries dipped out this year… Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Germany, and Russia. Even though they got 16 countries in, there is always a possibility of adding and/or subtracting one more.

Netherlands and Poland select entries

The Netherlands has selected Luna to represent them with La Festa, beating out three other acts.

Meanwhile, Poland is sending Laura Bączkiewic to Yerevan with the song To The Moon. Both songs as well as Ukraine’s entry will be reviewed in due course. Malta will choose their entry tomorrow, so stay tuned for next week’s recap

Junior Eurovision 2011 Rewatch

This week, I’ll be watching Junior Eurovision 2011, which was held in *drumroll* Yerevan, Armenia. And, yes, it was held at the Karen Demirchyan Sports and Concerts Complex, which is the same venue hosting this year’s contest. So, be it that it’s 11 years apart, this might be cool and a bit weird. But I’m gonna watch it

Glasgow or Liverpool

Going to Eurovision, the BBC announced on Tuesday that Glasgow and Liverpool are the host city finalists for the 2023 contest. Glasgow was my first choice, so I’m happy with this update. I never really saw Liverpool as a front-runner, though I was expecting Birmingham to take the cut. If you’re curious about which other cities were previously in the running, you can read one of my earlier blog posts here

Favorite Non-Eurovision Tracks of the Week

And finally, some favorite tracks outside of the contests this week are below

  • BLACKPINK — Shut Down
  • Jay Chou — Xie Zi Te Da Hao (Extra Large Shoes)
  • Eats Everything — Honey (Torren Foot Remix)
  • Sam Smith & Kim Petras — Unholy
  • Beyonce — CUFF IT
  • BLACKPINK — Pink Venom

Eurovision Saturday Roundup

NEW: You can listen to this blog post here

Now that Eurovision has entered a “new” year on September 1, maybe I should comment briefly on what’s been happening weekly.

In the absence of Eurovision, I’ll find something entertainment-related to comment about, so here we go

I’m rewatching Junior Eurovision 2008 later today. The 6th edition took place in Limassol, Cyprus on November 22, 2008, and 15 countries competed. This will be the last one that I have not seen in full as I have seen every edition since 2009. I am still planning to watch the rest, so stay tuned

Per Wiwibloggs, one of the biggest Eurovision news sites, OGAE Ukraine wants OGAE Russia kicked out from the much larger OGAE International over principles. This is a part of the reaction to the Russian invasion in Ukraine

Ukraine had already announced earlier that they will be selecting their 2023 representative by the end of the year, so we’ll see what comes out of it.

I mentioned in my 14 Things post that online song contests are a thing. This is the OGAE song contest where OGAE clubs (read: official Eurovision fan clubs) send a song that has not competed at the main contest or in the national finals and then have other clubs vote for it. This runs for almost two months and is being hosted by the club’s Australian branch.

The bid proposals from the 7 cities have passed, although I haven’t heard back since Queen Elizabeth II died that same day

Finally, some non-Eurovision songs I’ve been listening to this week:

  • Bebe Rexha feat David Guetta — I’m Good
  • Nicki Minaj — Super Freaky Girl
  • BLACKPINK — Pink Venom
  • Wacka Flocka Flame feat Roscoe Dash and Wale — No Hands
  • Bad Bunny — Titi Me Pregunto
  • Sam Smith and Kim Petras — Unholy
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