The Smugness of Social Media

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If there is one thing I learned about being on social media, it’s that people are smug. They will show their smugness out in the open. They will also hide it behind cutesy words. This was especially prevalent when the Biden Administration announced plans to forgive student loans for 20 million Americans last week

Of course, I was happy for those who still have them even though I never had student loans. Some, like me, who have never had student loans or have paid them off, think this is a bad idea because “if I could do it, so can they. It was the attitude I was seeing as I was scrolling through Twitter on the day of the announcement.

With high education costs in this country, I see not having student loans or paying them off as a privilege. I recognize that, and I’m using it to tell those struggling to pay them off that I’m happy for you.

Of course, the other part of the announcement is the cap on interest rates at 5%. The unlimited interest rates plus the predatory lending are why many people owe more than they borrowed.

As I mentioned earlier, people who gained an upper hand in any situation love to feel smug about the less fortunate. They feel that because they could do this and that with ease, everyone else should do the same. And it’s not just those who no longer paying student loans before the announcement came, but also I see this with MLM huns, billionaires, multimillionaires, bankers, politicians, and CEOs, and some of them didn’t actually work hard to get to the top.

Speaking of politicians… I’ll leave this here:

A thread from the official White House Twitter account where they dunk politicians who had their PPP loans forgiven for bitching and moaning about students having their student loans forgiven

All I’m saying is this… even if you’re like me and are not affected by the announcement, at least have empathy for those who are. Empathy goes a long way and you and others will be better off for it.

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