Analyzing My Stats? Why, Yes, I am

The notification I got on Monday
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This past Monday, WordPress sent me a notification saying that I have hit 500 all-time views! First off, I want to thank everyone who came to my site and read at least one post or just landed on my homepage. Secondly, and it’s really not mind-blowing, I started this blog over a month ago to give my thoughts on my favorite hobbies and topics. Because I was not socially active on social media (read: social media lurker) and was absolutely shit at marketing my blog, I wasn’t really expecting anything but 5 views in the first week, so to get to 500 all-time is just awesome. I thought I would look into the insights for this very blog.

All of the photographs are as of Monday, September 19

As of the time I took these screenshots, I had already surpassed the threshold at 521 viewers. With 287 unique visitors, that’s 1.82 pages per visitor. 26 comments were left across all my posts, with 15 of them from me responding to others. And as you can see, August 26 was my best day so far with 64 views, owing to me updating older posts to add TTS video posts that day

Apparently, Friday at noon comprises of a bit more than 1/5 of all views. Weird, since this very post will be out today (Friday) at noon.

Moving on to my most viewed posts. Not counting the two home pages (yes, two. One was the standard boring latest posts page and the other is the actual home page that I am still not satisfied with), these posts are the 11 most viewed on this blog. As of the time of the screenshot, Anti-MLM Mondays: Manipulation Tactics netted 22 views, followed by 30 Things I Learned From Watching (and Reading) Anti-MLM Content with 16 views. Writing Prompt Wednesday and The Smugness of Social Media are tied in 3rd with 14 views each. You guys also dropped views on my most recent episode of WordPress Adventures (number 5 comes out on Sunday), my posts about being new to the platform and an update a week later (which inspired the WordPress Adventures series), the two hunbros, weight loss, Junior Eurovision, and CNN International, among others.

Moving on to referrers aka where my views came from. I did remember commenting on Renard’s post about promoting on social media and he mentioned that the WordPress Reader app got him the most views. I noticed that too, and when I saw the stats, it was obvious. 118 views came from the reader, followed by search engines with 16 (with 12 from Google, meaning my site isn’t sandboxed anymore). Twitter came next at 13, then Instagram at 12, with Facebook rounding the top 5 at 8, although how someone found my website through is baffling to me.

As for the countries, those 521 views came from 44 countries (11.84 views/country), with my home country the United States coming way on top. Here’s a breakdown of the countries and the number of views I’ve gotten

The US sits alone on top at 247 views (47% of all of the views recorded), with Kenya in second with 53, Trinidad and Tobago is third with 30, Canada in 4th with 24, the United Kingdom with 21, and India rounds up the top 6 with 20. The other countries all recorded less than 10 views. Slovenia was the latest country to enter the database.

All of this is just amazing considering that one of the biggest pieces of advice I’ve gotten when I started out was a general “slow and steady wins the race” advice, but it’s a good one. Obviously, it’s not a big blog (yet) but I feel great and motivated to bring more anti-MLM, writing prompts, Eurovision, WordPress Adventures, and other content to you, so I will encourage you to follow this blog, like, share, and comment on posts. I don’t really have a desire to have a mailing list right now, but when it gets big enough, I might go that route. For now, I’m happy with the direction of this blog. Tomorrow, we’ll do a musical wrap-up on the week.

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