Post Hurricane Ian Update

NEW: You can listen to this blog post here

If you’re wondering… I’m doing okay. My home lost power at 6am yesterday and came back about 2 hours ago (at the time of writing).

Volusia County got hit hard by Ian, but compared to the damage done in Southwest Florida, where Ian did significant damage, I can say that I am blessed that my family and I are alive and well, my other family in Orlando and Port St. Lucie are also doing okay.

With that, this will be an impromptu random Friday post. I scheduled some posts that will go out this weekend and on Monday (although I have to work on Monday’s post over the weekend). If you’re reading this, your girl is fine

EDIT: I did this post using Reader because, at the time, my power had been restored, but the wifi wasn’t. Now that I got wifi again, I’m just posting this update on my laptop. Anyway, tomorrow we go back to our regularly scheduled programming.

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