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COMING SOON: Junior Eurovision 2022 Reviews

I’m taking a break from posting on WordPress, but next week, I’ll be channeling my energy into reviewing the 16 entries for the upcoming Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Armenia. For now, I’ll be enjoying the Thanksgiving holiday and you should start seeing some posts here by next Monday

Eurovision (and other music) Roundup Saturday 2022.10.29

New artists come into the fray and that’s pretty much it for this edition. 4 new artists for Junior Eurovision 4 more countries added their singers to the 20th edition. Ireland and Albania did it through the national finals, while Armenia and France chose internally. Sophie Lennon, Kejtlin Gjata, Nare, and Lissandro will be respectively … Continue reading “Eurovision (and other music) Roundup Saturday 2022.10.29”

Anti-MLM Mondays: Tragedy and Death

Welcome back to another anti-MLM post. This week, we’ll be reacting to MLM posts about using tragedy and death to shill for products. Yes, that’s right. If using brainwashing tactics, emotional manipulation, and dangling the lifestyle over the heads isn’t enough, they will also use the tragedy of tragedies and the saddest of deaths to … Continue reading “Anti-MLM Mondays: Tragedy and Death”

Eurovision (and other music) Roundup Saturday 2022.10.15

Yeah, it’s heating up, and we got another rundown to get to. Junior Eurovision 2013 Rewatch I’m watching Junior Eurovision 2013 to start the second half of rewatching every edition in the lead-up to the 20th edition in December. This one also has 12 countries competing, joining 2012 and 2020 for probably the shortest contest … Continue reading “Eurovision (and other music) Roundup Saturday 2022.10.15”

Eurovision (and other music) Roundup Saturday 2022.10.08

It’s Saturday, so it’s time for an update Malta selects Gaia Gambuzza for Junior Eurovision 16 kids took part in the Maltese national final for Junior Eurovision, but in the end, it was Gaia Gambuzza who will fly the flag to Yerevan with “Diamonds in the Skies”. I’ll be reviewing this and other songs in … Continue reading “Eurovision (and other music) Roundup Saturday 2022.10.08”

Anti-MLM Mondays: High School Mean Girls to Hunbots Pipeline

Happy Monday. Still recovering from Hurricane Ian, but at this point, I am in a good position to get things back on track. Enough about that, though. I have an interesting topic about multi-level marketing that I saw constantly when I was watching anti-MLM content during the pandemic. We already know that MLM reps are … Continue reading “Anti-MLM Mondays: High School Mean Girls to Hunbots Pipeline”

Eurovision (and other music) Roundup Saturday 2022.10.01

I was gonna do a straight-up music review, but both Eurovision and Junior Eurovision (and Hurricane Ian) had other plans, so let’s go 16 Countries competing in Junior Eurovision 2022 On Monday, the European Broadcasting Union released the names of 16 countries that will compete at the 20th Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Yerevan, Armenia … Continue reading “Eurovision (and other music) Roundup Saturday 2022.10.01”

WordPress Adventures #5: I’ve Been Walking 500 Miles… That’s How It Goes, Right?

Another Sunday, another episode of WordPress Adventures. Let’s get it, y’all. My posts from the past week As you guys know, I always start the week with a recap of the previous week, so click here if you missed episode 4 and you can also read previous episodes This week’s anti-MLM post looks at the … Continue reading “WordPress Adventures #5: I’ve Been Walking 500 Miles… That’s How It Goes, Right?”

Eurovision (and other music) Roundup Saturday 2022.09.24

It’s a short one this week. Ukraine picks a song for Junior Eurovision 2022 Meet Zlata Dzyunka, Ukraine’s choice for the upcoming Junior Eurovision Song Contest. While she isn’t the first artist known to compete this year, she presents the first competing song, so I’ll leave it here Meanwhile, the Netherlands will pick their JESC … Continue reading “Eurovision (and other music) Roundup Saturday 2022.09.24”

WordPress Adventures #4: Increasing Quality A Little At A Time

Fewer posts, more quality… that’s how it goes, right? I’m not gonna do a day-by-day post like I did in the last three editions. Instead, I’m going to recap my posts for the week as well as some posts I feel like sharing from my favorite bloggers My posts from the week Obviously, I start … Continue reading “WordPress Adventures #4: Increasing Quality A Little At A Time”

Eurovision (and other Music) Roundup Saturday 2022.09.17

It’s Eurovision Roundup Saturday, and this week, I’ll be reacting to the latest Eurovision news plus some other music I have on repeat this week Junior Eurovision 2009 Rewatch I’m rewatching Junior Eurovision 2009 later today. JESC 2009 was the first junior contest that I watched, so I cannot wait to go down memory lane … Continue reading “Eurovision (and other Music) Roundup Saturday 2022.09.17”

Eurovision Saturday Roundup

Now that Eurovision has entered a “new” year on September 1, maybe I should comment briefly on what’s been happening weekly. In the absence of Eurovision, I’ll find something entertainment-related to comment about, so here we go I’m rewatching Junior Eurovision 2008 later today. The 6th edition took place in Limassol, Cyprus on November 22, … Continue reading “Eurovision Saturday Roundup”

NFL Season is Upon Us

Okay, I’m not committed to one team, but I’m actually happy that football season is back Yesterday, the season started with the Buffalo Bills beating the defending Super Bowl champs the Los Angeles Rams 31-10. If you’re not in the United States, let me tell you this… the NFL is huge here. We’re talking athletes … Continue reading “NFL Season is Upon Us”

WordPress Adventures #2: Going back to class… sort of

New week, new recap, y’all Sunday, August 28: I started the week by discovering that I have surpassed 200 views, doubling the 100 mark from just a few days ago, so you know I have to thank you for stopping by. You are awesome. Anyway, I didn’t have the motivation to write today, but the … Continue reading “WordPress Adventures #2: Going back to class… sort of”

Growing up with Pokemon

Recently, The Pokemon Company hosted the 2022 World Championships in London. London was supposed to host it in 2020, so this year made up for lost time. After days of competition, the company released some new information on not only the newest games coming out this November, but also where they’re hosting the 2023 Worlds. … Continue reading “Growing up with Pokemon”

30 Things I Learned From Watching (and Reading) Anti-MLM Content

Long post incoming. First ever one on here, so bear with me on this For the past 2 1/2 years, I found myself watching anti-MLM content. Mind you, it’s a huge rollercoaster of emotions and gathering information on some themes I have noticed ever since I started watching in April 2020, but all-in-all, it has … Continue reading “30 Things I Learned From Watching (and Reading) Anti-MLM Content”

An American Who Watches Eurovision? You Don’t Say (repost)

Apparently, the older post redirects to my old blog, so if you’re trying to read it here, I got you Originally posted on my Blogspot site, but reposting it here for better viewing… Yes, as the title suggests, I am an American and watch Eurovision yearly. Since 2009, in fact, when I stumbled on it … Continue reading “An American Who Watches Eurovision? You Don’t Say (repost)”

20 Became 7

I could not come up with a better title for this post, but it’ll do. Earlier this week, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) and the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) announced the names of 7 cities in the United Kingdom that have been shortlisted to host next year’s contest. They are: Glasgow Manchester Liverpool Birmingham Newcastle … Continue reading “20 Became 7”

No, I’m Not Sponsored by Rocketbook, Thanks For Asking

That doesn’t mean I can’t talk about how useful the product is tho Note: This is a general review of the two notebooks I currently have and therefore, not doing a specific review of each product. I might do that once I get my hands on the Multi-Subject Notebook I currently own 2 Rocketbooks: Rocketbook … Continue reading “No, I’m Not Sponsored by Rocketbook, Thanks For Asking”

Yes, I Have a YouTube Obsession: Watching ‘Boss Babes’ Boss Themselves and Those Around Them

Originally posted on my Blogspot, but reposting it here for better viewing For the past 2 1/2 years, I picked up a viewing habit during the pandemic. Now, I can only speak for myself, but I am just fascinated by the folks promoting multi-level marketing companies. Sure, it sounds like a great idea — your … Continue reading “Yes, I Have a YouTube Obsession: Watching ‘Boss Babes’ Boss Themselves and Those Around Them”

My First Post (on WordPress) as The Most Inconsistent Person in the World

Yep, you read that right (and judging by my bio), I am a very inconsistent person. Most people may or may not admit it, but I can admit to being an inconsistent person in real life. Why do I mean by that? Well, for starters, I don’t go through life normally. In fact, I am … Continue reading “My First Post (on WordPress) as The Most Inconsistent Person in the World”

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