Wait, why are you inconsistent again?

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Yes, I named my blog “The Most Inconsistent Person in the World”, yet, I was able to send out a post daily (so far, knock on wood). Also, my days (and even hours) are not the same. I change interests all the time. I write down things but do not actually do them. I get distracted by social media. I sometimes forget to do important things around the house, and if I do remember, I sometimes skip a step or two.

This was something that I have been fighting myself with since middle/high school. No amount of planning, coordinating, scheduling, or organizing was helping my situation. Yes, I have apps that I type out my schedule to stay on task, but so far, that has been a hit-and-miss.

If you’ve been here before, you know that my post topics are all over the place. I have changed themes several times until I found the perfect one (aka the one you’re seeing right now). I spent the first two weeks researching the internet on how to be successful in blogging. I can say their advice is all over the place (if you missed it, here’s the post).

But what about now? Am I still inconsistent with the schedule? In a way, yes, or else I would not tell you right off the bat that I’m a complete human mess. I am trying to build a structure for this blog. I posted about Eurovision and anti-MLM and started a new series on my time blogging on WordPress. I also have some ideas for my future blog posts, so keep an eye out for that.

Blogging is an outlet. I love writing, (as much as I love math). I can type my thoughts out. I can get my stuff out there for anyone who wants to read it. I have also learned how to turn my posts into podcasts. I will post about that in due course. They are all uploaded to my channel and are on a playlist, so you can check them out there. You can also subscribe there if you want.

The month’s almost over, so we’ll see where this post (and blog in general) will take me. And again, I want to thank those who came by and read even one post. I’m doing this to build an audience, and I’m grateful for every single one of you.


Author: dezbee2008

33-year-old math enthusiast, Pokemon fan, Eurovision fan, Bingo player, anti-MLM watcher, meme consumer, YTP watcher, stans news reporters when no one else wants to, inconsistent in real life, a complete human mess, and professional social media lurker

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