COMING SOON: Eurovision 2023 Reviews

Years ago, had a fan blog session where fans could make blog posts about their favorite Eurovision acts, or to post their top 40 or so. I took advantage of that feature and was able to give my thoughts on it year after year until the feature was no longer available.

This year, I’m bringing it here to my blog. I’ll be giving my thoughts on the 37 songs competing in this year’s contest (so if you’re looking for objectivity, look elsewhere). I’ll be making my bullshit predictions the night before each show. My full ranking will come right before the first semi-final on May 9.

I have been following Eurovision since 2009 and for my 15th year following this worldwide event (and 14th contest if you don’t count 2020), thanks to the changes in the voting system, I will be able to vote during the actual shows. Of course, that would depend on whether it actually works (read: the lines actually hold up) because millions of people will be voting at the same time.

With that being said, stay tuned for my very wrong opinions on each song starting with Ukraine tomorrow


Author: dezbee2008

33-year-old math enthusiast, Pokemon fan, Eurovision fan, Bingo player, anti-MLM watcher, meme consumer, YTP watcher, stans news reporters when no one else wants to, inconsistent in real life, a complete human mess, and professional social media lurker

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